Kathmandu- Legendary singer Amrit Gurung was seen at Manav Sewa Ashram feeding people.  Poet, musician, singer, photographer, filmmaker, and traveler Amrit Gurung practices all of these arts. Through Nepathya, he expresses his fervent ideas about preserving justice, peace, and the natural world through music. He directly communicates his message of peace to the public through the arts of music and photography. He has trekked through 70 of Nepal’s 75 districts in his quest to collect folk music and lyrics. He is an avid traveler. While the nation was experiencing internal conflict and political unrest, Amrit and Nepathya came up with the idea of “Peace.” Some of Nepathya’s tours have had as their themes “Education for Peace,” “Nepathya For the Disabled,” and “Sundar Shanta Nepal.”