Kathmandu- The use or creation of content that is copyright-protected without the owner’s consent is a copyright infringement. A third party’s violation of a copyright holder’s rights, such as their exclusive use of a work for a predetermined length of time, is referred to as a copyright infringement. Two of the most popular types of entertainment that experience a lot of copyright violations are music and movies.

An undertaking is a commitment that the infringer will license your work from you on terms that you both agree to.
A court may impose an injunction. This indicates that a court order to prevent the use of your work will be issued. This can also entail the confiscation of any unauthorized copies or the return of your original work to you.
A judge may also grant damages. This might be done with a court order for damages, which would put you back in the same situation you would have been in if the infringement hadn’t happened. Or it might be a profit account, in which the original copyright owner receives the profits the infringer made.