Kathmandu- Few months ago Anuprastha band has shared a post about baby Advik. Anuprastha had shared a post on Facebook about the update on baby Advik saying that, “ Amount of NRs. 1,00,000 has been paid at Blood Hospital for 2 years old baby Advik KC suffering from Leukemia’s treatment. Still NRs. 94,306 is yet to be paid & rounds of treatment cycle remaining for which we need your financial support. I kindly request all my friends & family to donate any amount you can.”

A Nepali rock group called Anuprastha goes by the transliteration Annuprastha. Anu means “music,” and Prastha means “first” in the Sanskrit origin of the name Anuprastha. The majority of their songs are in the rock genre, but they also incorporate folk music from Nepal. We pray for the baby’s speedy recovery.