Kathmandu- Around 5500 BC, alligator hide and other organic materials were used to make the earliest drums. They first appeared in Neolithic societies that emerged in China and then spread throughout all of Asia. Bronze Dong Son Drums were also made during this time, in Vietnam, in the year 3000 BC. According to historians, humans once pounded on things and bodies or stamped on the ground to create musical sounds. Sound production served as a beneficial tool for both communication and as a dance partner. Throughout occasions and religious rituals, it affected people’s minds and hearts.

Jazz drummers like Warren “Baby” Dodds put up a drum set employing classical instruments in New Orleans in the early 20th century, which is where the modern drum kit as we know it today likely originated. Some of these instruments had to be changed, such the bass drum, which in popular music is played with a bass drum pedal rather than the handled mallets used in classical music. William F. was the only person to create the foot pedal in its current form. Ludwig from the Ludwig Drums organization.