Kathmandu- Wugen Namgel Bhutia sang a Hindi Rap show “MTV Hustle” giving tribute to Gorkhali people through his rap song stating , “ Bir Gorkha Ke Balidan Ke Samman Me”. His lyrics, which primarily discuss the depiction of people with mongoloid traits in India, have been highly popular. Rapper Ugen Namgyal Bhutia, better known by his stage name UNB, has been speaking out against racism in India directed at the community of Indian Nepalese as well as Northeast Indians.

In April 2020, UNB launched his EP titled “Made in India.” His debut Hindi album, Made in India, featured five songs, including the sole Nepali piece, Dhoti, and the songs Hum Bhi Kya Kam Hai, Made in China, Jal Barse, and On Point. The COVID 19 pandemic has prevented UNB from playing shows since the publication of his EP, though. However, he has once more used hardship as a learning opportunity by putting out as many as 10 songs since April 2020.