Kathmandu- On the occasion of the famous festival of Nepal, Teej, Abhaya and The Steam Engines is going to perform on 26th of August 2022. The show is going to be held at Billinaires Lounge and Club. The sponsors of this show are Budweiser, Antiquity, Seto Bagh Vodka. The event of going to start from 9pm onwards.

Although Abhaya and the Steam Engines have been classified as a rock band since the publication of their self-titled debut album in 2005, their musical preferences are actually more ambiguous. This band has continually explored with the countless musical possibilities since they started their adventure in 2003. From their debut single Sakdina, which established them as a rock band, to their most recent album, Laijau Malai (a collaboration with DJ Bidhan and Zanrix that was influenced by Lofi EDM), they have worked to keep their sound flexible and ever-evolving.