Kathmandu- At 6:35 PM on the same day, the “Pink Venom” music video on YouTube topped 100 million views. Since its release at 1 PM on August 19th, it has been approximately 29 hours and 35 minutes. The K-pop girl group music video with the most views, to date, is this one.

Previously to “Pink Venom,” BLACKPINK’s music video for their smash song “How You Like That” was the K-pop girl group video with the fastest 100 million views (32 hours and 23 minutes). Three hours earlier, the music video for “Pink Venom” broke a record by receiving 100 million views.

This boosts the total of Blackpink videos that have received more than 100 million views to 33.
In 73 different countries, the single “Pink Venom” is also at the top of the iTunes charts.