Kathmandu- The season finales of the reality competitions Mero Voice Cup USA and Mero Dance Cup USA, which are popular among Nepali speakers in the United States and are similar to “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” will be taped inside the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Our goal is to transmit Nepali language, culture, song, and the arts to the following generation in order to maintain them in America, according to Keshav Acharya, a representative of the nonprofit organization that organized the event.
In 2016, the Mero Dance Cup debuted, and in 2018, the Mero Voice Cup. Finales in the past have taken place in Atlanta and Akron. Episodes of the shows have received millions of views on the organizer’s YouTube account and are carried on Nepali TV.

Shiva Pariyar shared a post on Facebook stating , “ Grand final of ‘Mero voice cup 2’ in Columbus, America completed with responsibility as a decisive status now coming to UAE (Dubai) for the next Saturday show. Dear Nepali viewers of Dubai, please wait…”.