Kathmandu- On 15th of August 2022, famous singer Sajjan Raj Vaidya shared a post in Instagram and Facebook story, where he humbly requested to respect people’s privacy. He stated , “ Please respect people’s privacy. Posting photos and videos taken in secret on social media is not cool. It is not cute, it is not nice , it is not funny, it is not good. Following someone in public place is creepy. Please stop doing it! Not everything has to go on TikTok and other social media”.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya, whose home base is in New York City, is a Nepalese singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, and producer. His first single, “Aaja Matra,” was released in 2014, and he gained popularity after the release of his subsequent singles, “Hawaijahaj” (2016)and “Chitthi Bhitra” (2018). “Hataarindai, Bataasindai” is one of his most well-known singles. In February 2020, his album “BLYHL” was made available.