Kathmandu- It’s the Stranger Things scene everyone keeps talking about – and now Metallica themselves have commented on it.
It’s the TV moment of the year that everyone can’t stop talking about (well, at least since the other Stranger Things TV moment of the year that everyone couldn’t stop talking about), and now the band at the centre of it all have had their say.
The appearance of hallmark Metallica anthem Master Of Puppets in the grande finale of the latest season of Stranger Things has set the internet alight, prompting thousands of excited responses across social media and even ensuring that the track itself has entered Spotify Top 50 trending charts in the US, UK and beyond.

Now, Metallica themselves have acknowledged the amazing scene, in which metalhead Eddie Munson shreds his way through Master Of Puppets to distract the minions of Vecna from attacking his friends.
Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo revealed this week that his son Tye (alongside bandmate Kirk Hammett) was involved in bringing Master Of Puppets to life on the show.

The latest season of Stranger Things is out now via Netflix.