Kathmandu- The internet is home to a fair share of talent. Whether it’s improvised shred-versions of some of rock’s best hits or videos of cats meowing along to our favourite tunes, if you’re online, you’ll never be bored when voyaging through this never-ending sea of fascinating content.

One musician contributing to this bottomless pool is internet drum extraordinaire El Estepario Siberiano, who uploads wonderfully technical and impressive covers onto his YouTube channel and TikTok account.

In a new video, Siberiano covers Slipknot’s savage 1999 track Eyeless. There is a twist, though. Revealing that he’s taking up a challenge from a follower who has dared him to play the song using only one hand, while questioning his masculinity, the drummer rises to the task with ease, even using his ‘free’ hand to hold a can of Coke.