Kathmandu- Indira Joshi is a Nepali female singer. Indira Joshi is a prominent female singer for Modern, Pop, Playback, as well as judge of an International Franchise reality show Nepal Idol. Indira Joshi has become famous after she released her debut album “Dance With Me” from which her first popular number “Rato Ghanghara” established her as a singer.

She is a judge of on the International Franchise reality show Nepal Idol. She judged a television singing and dancing competition for kids, Clinic Healthy Hair Contest, organized by Image Channel. She also judged Miss Nepal 2016 and Man Hunt Nepal 2017.

Few songs of Indira Joshi:Chaubandhi Choli ani Rato Ghanghara,Behuli, Motorcycle Ma,Relimai, Udhereko Choli, Mari Lanu K Chha Ra,Magne Banayo, Rujhu Rujhu, Just One Click, Mero Baba,Timi ra Ma etc.

Indira Joshi had her Mehendi Ceremony. She is officially getting married soon.