Kathmandu-This is a satire by poet Arjun Parajuli on recent increase in prices in Nepal.

Arjun Parajuli, who was born and raised in Kavre’s Jyamdi hamlet, did not grow up in an atmosphere that encouraged him to pursue his passion for books. But, with whatever means he could find, he got his hands on the most popular literature Nepal has to offer and began penning poems at a young age. Getting past a job interview by impressing the interviewers with his disarmingly honest, sarcastic poems is one of the most exciting experiences in his life.

In an interview he said,”I have written over 2000 poems.  I have scrapped off many of them. But, I am not critical of the work that I take out to the masses. They are out there because I feel they are good and capable of moving the listeners (or readers). The most important quality that a writer, or a human in general, needs to possess is honesty. Without honesty in what you are feeling or what you are doing, there isn’t much you can do in life. There is no peace of mind.”