Kathmandu- Famous singer of Nepal Raju Lama has successfully climbed Mt. Everest on Monday Morning.

A team of 27 including Raju Lama reached the top of the mountain at 6:40am today. The Lama has scaled the world’s highest peak to spread messages about the effects of climate change. He had planned a concert at 6,574 feet in elevation at Camp III.

Because of global warming, the snow-capped mountains and glaciers are melting, posing a threat to the daily lives of those living along the shore and their traditions. Lama has also volunteered to assist flood victims in Sindhupalchowk.

He is the heart of Mangolian folk. He is currently based on US and Nepal and is one of the coaches of The Voice Nepal. Some of his albums include: Soltini – 1995,Mongolian Heart – 1996,Mongolian Heart Vol 2 – 1999,Mongolian Heart Vol 3 – 2002,Mongolian Heart Solid Gold – 2004,Donbo Tamang Album – 2004,Mongolian Heart Vol 4 – 2006,Mongolian Heart vol 5 – 2009,Mongolian Heart Vol 6 – 2012,Samling Gompa – 2016,Mongolian Heart Vol 7 – 2018.