Kathmandu-As the election for Mayor of kathmandu municipality is combing near, famous Rapper and the election candidate Balen Shah and his party are seen on many places.

The two strong Mayor candidates Balen Shah and Keshav Sthapit were seen together during ghar dailo program. He has made a public declaration for local level elections held on May 13.

He has recently made his declaration for the local level elections held on May 13. The few key highlights of his declaration are:

1. Community schools’ infrastructure, quality, and environment must be improved, and technical education must be prioritized.
2. Start an ambulance service with all kinds of facilities and services under the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and run it through a call center.
3. To provide free health screenings to persons over the age of 70 at their homes.
4. Physical infrastructure ambulances will fix roads, drainages, and sewages, among other things, via a call center.
5. To connect GPS in all public transportation to track the location of vehicles
6. To bring stone spouts, known as Dhungedhara in Nepali and Hiti in Nepal bhasa, back into usage.
7. To install CCTV in all public vehicles for security reasons