Kathmandu- Naumati Baja and Panche Baja are the two very important part of Nepali culture.

Naumati baja is a group of nine traditional instruments which include Damaha, Jhyali, Tamko, Dholak, Sahanai, Karnal, Narsinga Baja in which Sahanai and Damaha have two each. It is mostly played in Himalayan region of Sikkim, Darjeeling and Assam.

Panche Baja is a set of five traditional instruments. They are jhyali, or dholak, damaha, narsinga , shehnai, and karnal. Naumati Baja is more comprehensive form of Panche Baja.

These instruments have been played from the past in very auspicious occasions like weddings, bratabandha, weaning ceremony etc. It reflects our Nepali culture. These instruments are the income generating source of many people till now. By forming different groups people are involved in auspicious occasions playing these instruments.

These instruments are not only used for such occasions but are also heard on many music videos and folk songs in nepal. In songs like Pahilo Number Ma from movie Chakka Panja, Janme Hurke Rayada etc.