G-bob is a recent rap sensation of Nepal. He has won the heart of Nepalese youths in and out of the country. His real name is Sudeep Bhandari. He is 21 years old.

G-BOB is a rising rapper and a music artist who is currently viral for his rap battle on the show ANTF. ANTF( All Nepal Thug Family) is an event management and audio/video recording company. It usually organizes such events in order to build new artists and giving artists a new platform.

Sudeep Bhandari had gained fame is a very short period of time, from his rap battle. His song not only went viral on social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok but also worldwide. Gbob is currently residing in Australia but he is from Gorkha.

Gbob has different style his confidence, sharp and aggressive word formation and the humorous style has created a huge impact on on the Nepali Music Industry. We wish him all the best for his upcoming future!!