In the upcoming election on 13th of May,2022 Balen shah has been elected as the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC).

Balen shah is a Nepali rapper, music composer , song writer and a director. He got accused by CPN-UML’s candidate Keshav Sthapit of hiding his Madhesi identity.

Candidate Sthapit stated,”There seems to be this kid Balen Shah. This is an international fraud” on Sunday. He accused shah for being a registered fraud saying, “Fraud at the beginning! Registered fraud! Can one lie to the whole Kathmandu? Shouldn’t a man from Madhes come with courage for mayor? He doesn’t have any courage. He never takes off his goggles means he doesn’t have power to look people in the eye. One should talk sitting face to face.”

Sthapit also told youths not to follow such person and that he doesn’t take him as a competition. But at the same time there was a huge fan of him at Basantpur to support him.
As he is a popular musical face he has a huge fan base and supporters. We wish him good luck!