Still, after almost 2 decades of its release every 90’s kid remembers every word of this lyrics by heart, “Gaye Mera Gaja Khane Din Haru” Surpassed 2M Views on Youtube.

Saurav Bhattarai, We can simply call him the grunge god of Nepal without any doubt. He always seemed to be creating masterpieces since his beginning days of music. He’s one of those many artists who has been giving his best to uplift the Nepali music realm. Currently associated with the Kaagaz band, Saurav Bhattarai has been in this field for more than decades now. And, has been actively working on his new creation still to this day.

He was the founding member of The okhar band back in 2003 and created a masterpiece like “Gaye Mera Gaja Khane Din Haru” which still appears in our playlist. The song recently reached 2M views on YouTube. After that, he was a vocalist and songwriter of Kush band where he created such masterpieces as he always does like Pari, K Garnu Manai Ta Ho, Wasalpana, Harayeko Graha, etc.

Among all, Harayeko Graha is my personal favorite.