“Ma Harayeko Graha, Mero Surya Andhyaro Cha

Ma Papi Man Ko Baha Mero Ishwar Adhuro Cha”

Shaurav Bhattarai, former vocalist and songwriter of Kush band and recently involved in the Kaagaz band has announced about the song “Harayeko Graha” turning Five today through his Official Social Media Account. He states:

We Released this song exact 5 years ago !! 22nd August 2015 from Kripa Drishya Digital (Incase if You’ve missed the logo)!! As a grunge Fan, this was our Tribute to Layne Staley!!”

The song was by kush band, which fits the style of music perfectly and has been known to put its listeners into a decidedly “Kush-y” state of mind with the songs like Pari, K Garnu Manai Ta Ho, Wasalpana, Harayeko Graha, etc. “Harayeko Graha” was released in association with Kripa Drishya Digital and edited and directed by Bizu Karmacharya on August 22, 2015. As a tribute to Layne Staley, the original lead singer, and co-songwriter of the rock band Alice in Chains who died from a speedball overdose at the age of 34 on April 5, 2002.

While asked about the Song with Vocalist Saurav Bhattarai, he claimed:

We shot Harayeko Graha video in a day and it took more than a year to be made. When the video was out , we had already disbanded. ‘Manche ko paisa naash hos tara samaya kahile naash garidinu hudaina’. If that video was made on time, saayad Kush ko future arkai hunthio hola