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“Phuteka Chura” by Prakash Saput and Anita Chalaune featuring Namrata Shrestha, trending second on YouTube

The new song by Prakash Saput and Anita Chalaune, “Phuteka Chura” is trending second...

“Chamcha Pilet” now at number 2 on the trending list of YouTube

A week ago released the song “Chamcha Pilet” is now trending at number 2...

“Sayau Dada Katdai” by Bikram Baral rising on the trending list

“Sayau Dada Katdai” is a newly released song on the vocals of one of...

Prakash Saput’s “Badala Barilai” still top on trending

The new song “Badala Barilai” produced by Prakash Saput has been placed at the...

“Photo Firim Ma” by Pratap Das trending on YouTube

Pratap Das‘s version of “Photo Phirim Ma” has been on trending list for some...
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