Sarad Shrestha has recently come up with his single- Neelo Akash on YouTube. The audio of the song, recorded at Anil Studios, was released on YouTube via Sarad’s official YouTube channel –Sarad Shrestha

Sarad Shrestha , a renowned figure in the Nepalese Music Industry, is popularly known as “the Axe man” (former lead guitarist of The Axe Band). Unfortunately he couldn’t continue with the band for long. But his inclination towards music has remained the same. He is currently involved in new projects like Shree 3 and Tumbleweed Inc. Known for his incredible improvisations  and unparalleled guitar techniques, Sarad ,more recently, has been releasing his own singles as well. So, we are getting to hear the guitar virtuoso sing as well.

Watch his latest single recently released on YouTube: