In this video, we can see very young kids are performing on stage. They are the Japanese kids. They have their own band name is “Ryunosuke Band”.They are very close friend in real life. Since five years old they are starting learning those things.

“Music is a soul of my heart,” said those kids, adding that they formed the band due to their attachment to music.
These kids band are more popular than Kimura Takauya in Japan. Takuya Kimura, also known as Kimutaku, is a Japanese singer, actor, radio personality, and the member of SMAP, the best-selling boy band in Asia.

They had performed in the Korean TV show. After performing, these kids got a good response from the audiences. And audiences said, “They dominated the stage of Star King. It was a great performance.”

These kids are actually amazing and rocking. And really, these kids will have an excellent future ahead.