Abhinav Rimal is back with his new song ‘Churot II’.

Abhinav Rimal also known as Chintu has made his career in Nepali music industry. After a long interval, he has released his new music video. Chintu himself is in this video with his new bold looks. His previous hit ‘Churot’ has got more than 1.4 millions views in YouTube. Well this song has vast difference than his previous song.

‘Churot II’, this song was written, produced and performed by Chintu. Shailesh Shrestha is the mastering engineer of the video where as Sarun Manandhar is the cinematographer and editor of the video. The whole concept for the video is directed by Devashish Yonzon & Saurav K.C. And the artists included in the video are Meowmeow, Thitiya Phoosakaew and Mimi.

You can check out the music video below: