Tina S is 18 years old young girl from French. She is known for having taken up many rock and pieces of rock considered technically difficult from the age of thirteen. Its popularity spread through YouTube and social networks.

She is from the Paris region, where she received classical guitar lessons, initially to imitate her older brother. Tina plays Megadeth’s “Tornado of Souls”. As always, she plays her Vigier Excalibur Custom Guitar. Late, she was taught and filmed by her guitar instructor, Renaud Louis-Servais.

In this video, Tina S Hails is seen shredding metal licks at incredible speed. She is not only using various guitar techniques, such as, sweep picking and tapping, but she seems harmoniously comfortable with those difficult to master guitar techniques.

Really she has shocking guitar playing skill. She is considered a role model for her generation and an inspiration for all.