At the present time, making cover songs has emerged out as a trend in youngsters. Most of the youngsters are showing their talents through covers songs. So, some cover songs are better than original songs, but some are blamed to be horrible. They have been accused of spoiling original feelings of the songs. It depends upon number of factors like people, their singing and musical arrangements.

Cover songs have also emerged out as a tool and platforms for young and talented singer to expose their talents. Among them, few new singers are very popular and mostly liked in social media including YouTube.

Nowadays, one name is much-talked-about on social media. He is none other than Bishal Suwal, 18, from Panauti. During the audition of the first ever ‘Nepal Idol’, Suwal got rejected. It is unclear why he got rejected as a video of the singer singing the song melodiously before audition had circulated in social media.

He was rejected from ‘Nepal Idol’, but his fans did not reject from their hearts. His voice is so amazing that nobody believe that he was rejected from ‘Nepal Idol’.

The singer has come up with a cover version of the popular song ‘Laija Re’. The song was originally sung by Hemanta Rana.