Here is an extraordinary guitar playing skill from a young but talented guitar prodigy Liu Pinxi – most commonly known as YOYO.

Yoyo is an 11 years old Chinese girl, who started learning guitar since she was six years old. Based on her father Liu Wei, YOYO learned classical guitar for one year and electric guitar for two years. Her daily schedule included eight hours of meticulous guitar practice.

YOYO made her first public show on Oct 2015 at China Musical Instruments Exhibition. Since then she has performed at handful of other public shows.

In this video, YOYO is seen shredding metal licks at incredible speed. She is not only using various guitar techniques, such as, sweep picking and tapping, but she seems eerily comfortable with those difficult to master guitar techniques. She has made few other videos including a cover of “Far Beyond the Sun” from Yngwie Malmsteen.