From the Slayer Christmas light show to the Ozzy Halloween light show to the Metallica Christmas light show — and even a Kvelertak Christmas light show! — there’s been no deficiency of metalheads communicating their muisc tastes by means of that most unholy medium in recent years.

While some people have been dreaming of a white Christmas, we’ve been dreaming of a thunderstorm—one that’ll leave us “Thunderstruck.”

The most recent: a lavish light show set to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” composed and worked by a guy with an excessive amount of time staring him in the face named Chris Callahan. Likewise, notwithstanding the typical head-on house shot, Callahan recorded a video of the side of his home also, which is done up with a guitar-playing snowman.

Watch below as a snowman shreds on guitar and a Christmas tree gives a powerhouse vocal performance. Enjoy the video: