Ashish Rana is Nepalese rapper and actor popular by his stage name – Laure. For the reason that of his body type and physical appearance, his friends gave him the name of “Laure”. This neck name was fortunate for Ashish, thus fans are recognized from Laure more than his real name.His Real name is Ashish Rana Magar from Pokhara.

He presented his rapping via a rap battle on YouTube which gained him popularity. So, his rapping career began throughout his song “Mero Solta “, the first song. His is one of the most talented and popular rapper of Nepal. His popularity among Nepalese communities all over the world is increasing day after day.

In this video you can found some hidden things of Laure. If you are greatest supporter of Laure then you must to know about this. So check this video and to know what are those hidden things about Laure.