Metallica have become well known as one of the greatest metal bands ever. They are all around adored by each music fan, regardless of what they consider as their essential type. Metallica dependably put out a portion of the best metal hits, particularly their hit song “Master of Puppets.”

15-year old Sina has made a name for herself on YouTube as a truly damn great drummer! Her recordings do quite well, since she’s an awesome drummer. Sina handled “Master of Puppets” not long ago, and obliterated it! Lars Ulrich better advance it up a score, since we’re persuaded that one day, Sina could come searching for your job.

Sina is an exceptional drummer, so in case you’re a devotee of shake music, watch out for her! She’s continually posting magnificent covers of the absolute most popular classic rock tunes! Look at her magnificent cover of “Ace of Puppets” down below!