As you most likely are aware, Tool’s most recent albumn “10,000 Day” was released in 2006. Since that year we have been sitting tight for their new album. At last new Tool album is just around the corner.
Tool drummer ‘Danny Carey’ talked in an interview s with Loudwire and affirmed that Tool will “definitely” release a new album in 2018.

Whenever squeezed if fans can expect a new Tool album in 2018, Danny Carey expressed:

“Truly I’m stating unquestionably. We’ll most likely have it done in the main half [of the year] if things go as arranged.

There’s setup times and assembling – I can never foresee all that, it appears as though it’s always advancing. [What season it will be out] I can’t let you know.”

For this situation, we may have another Tool album in the last quarter of 2018.