For more than 45 years now, Usha Uthup has spread a message of affection and solidarity, peace and agreement, resilience and respectability, and bliss – through music. From discotheques to shows, crosswise over India and the World, she has tended to the young about the estimations of music that makes us human. She lives as she thinks, showing even the most contemporary songs wearing traditional clothes anticipating the way that India is a genuine blend of societies, with its own particular social personality.

Born in 1947, she is affectionately called, originates from a customary working class South Indian family and her profession started in 1969 at a Chennai dance club called Nine Gems and she has recorded more than a hundred albums in sixteen Indian languages, sung un a few thousand shows, performed in every single significant nation and has been on TV since its beginning in India. Usha has filled in as a good example for ages of youthful Indians and has been a faithful envoy for customary Indian esteems.

Here’s an awesome performance by Usha Uthup on Mark Spoelstra song ‘White Winged Dove’. Watch her playing guitar and performing by wearing Sari. Check out the video below: