Swoopna Suman experienced his childhood in a normal family. While his companions were enjoying the life of a youngster, at 17, Swoopna Suman’s life was totally different. One day all of a sudden he began shuddering he was frightened, tossed his books and slammed the desk. All these proceeded until the point that the appearance in his friends and family eyes demonstrated to him a totally unique world.

Suman is the YouTube sensation and an exceptionally famous name in the Nepalese Music Industry. This 21 year old artist is as of now with Arbitrary Records and his 12 songs and video released under the records organization’s YouTube channel has possessed the capacity to earn more than 10 million hits.

Hear Mr. Swoopna Suman sharing his story at The Storyyellers Session 10 conveyed to you by Daraz Online Shopping. Check out the video below: