1974 AD is a national Nepali rock band, formed in Kathmandu, in the early 1990s. They have experimented with various genres of music including Nepali folk, ragas, rock, funk, blues and jazz as well. 1974 AD are amongst the most successful recording artists in Nepal.

Songs and albums produced by 1974 AD are usually in the Nepali language. Lyrics include themes of patriotism, Nepali virtues, unity, love and nationalism. There is a lot of variety in the music of 1974 AD. They have successfully tried various genres of music.

This video is based on about street children who struggle to survive and have to work hard and in many ways. But as a result, they become a pathetic issue to social norms and values. Through, this video we can get the message that street child should be protected so that they can also help to develop the country in many manners.