Anuprastha Band is a Nepali Rock Band formed in 2004A.D, during their college days. This Band was formed by 4 members: Neran Shahi – Vocal & Guitar, Jimi Joshi – Bass, Govin Sunuwar – Guitar, Sundar Maharjan (Drums).

After struggling several years, they successfully gained national attention when they won the reality show “Sprite Band Challenge” and released their first music video ‘Din’ in July 2009.. They generally focus their music on Rock genre, but love to combine folk Nepali tune. Later, they launched their 1st debut album “Anuprastha” in 2010. They have many hit song dedicated to all Nepali who stood their ground while the earth shook beneath their feet, and to all those who looked ahead from the darkness and never gave up and believed there is always light at the end of a tunnel.

Here’s the latest performance of Anuprastha performing at Dubai Program organized by Dubai Nepali Rocks. Check out the whole video below: