Sprite Band Challenge season 3 winner G9 Band released their first debut album “Dhanyabad” on April 7, 2017.The event took place at Ozone Restaurant & Bar, Pokhara. Before participating in Sprite Band Challenge, the members of the band G9 were in Kathmandu playing cricket for the Shangrila Club.

The band was formed on the ninth day of the ninth month of the year 2009 that is the reason behind the name of the band G9.

Getting together in a band was not so difficult featuring six members as they all knew each other from their cricket playing days .They managed to buy all the instruments for the band from the money they collectively raised through their various performances. The band members say that their sole inspiration came from The Edge Band.

Congratulation to members of G9 band from our team Nepal-E-Chords and we wish them a very successful debut of their first album ‘Dhanyabad’