Among the Plethora of Nepali Classic and pop songs singers, those who gave their life to music at difficult times in Nepal, it is really hard to come up with best out of the best. Every singer has made their precious contribution to the Nepali music industry.

However, the famous name ‘Sukmit Gurung’ is always considered whenever topic comes about the top singers of Nepal. Sukmit Gurung is one of the popular Nepali Classic, Nepali Pop and Nepali movies playback singers. Although she does not come to media world as frequently as she used to, she is still a prominent name among best Nepali female singers known to the Nepalese population.

During her time she has back to back given a lot of hit songs like ‘Relimai Relimai’, ‘Pal Pal Timrai Samjhanama’, ‘Tyo Juneli Raat’, ‘O Meri Priyatam’, etc. The song ‘O MerioPriyatam’ made a big hit in Nepali music industry which is also her first solo song.

This song is still a preferable song for most of the Nepalese music lovers and even for the youngsters. Therefore many youths and cover song singers have tried their best to create the cover song of ‘O Mero Priyatam’. Delineated video is one of the best cover song performances of ‘O Mero Priyatam’ sung by a German artists, supported by Nepali guitarists. Permanent resident of German, Hanna, has beautifully exhibited the song in the video which has been viewed more than million times.