Music has become an integral part of our life. Music can be taken as a best meditation to make our mind fresh. Everyone loves listening to music in their daily lives. And, we must say human beings are music lover.

There are many different style and melodies in music like lok dohorri, rock n roll, jazz, modern, gazals and folk songs and many more.

In our country Nepal, we have lots of musical bands and they have own different musical melodies in their songs. Those bands are popular in musical fields even more than million fans are like and respect their talents.

So, in this video we can rank them bases on their popularity. There are many great bands which are best and legends of the Nepali musical history.

We just listed the bands which are active one way or another in the present. We have also considered the factors like history of the bands and the popularity in the past and present while creating this video.

Which band is in which rank? To know, watch this video.