In case you missed it last year, an epic collaboration between the iconic rock band AC/DC and the Guns N Roses’ front man Axl Rose “shook the music world all night long”. After the doctors advised Brian Johnson, the vocalist of AC/DC, to pack up his bags in the middle of the rock tour immediately or risk total hearing loss, AC/DC turned their heads towards Axl for help.

When the words first surfaced on social media that Axl was Brian’s potential replacement for the rest of AC/DC’s tour, most fans thought it was just a mere rumor. However, soon after, AC/DC officially announced and made the news public. Axl joined the band for the rest of tour and ended it without any incident (surprisingly).

There is another rumor floating in the market these days that Axl may collaborate with AC/DC for a new album. Fans have to wait and see how much this rumor holds water.

Here is “Back in Black” from their Denmark tour last year.