A video has surfaced on YouTube in which a young boy can be seen singing and playing a guitar wonderfully at a guitar shop in Kathmandu. If you are wondering who is he? Then, meet 10-year-old Michael Sinha hailing from Chitwan.

In the video, he can be seen mesmerizing people with his powerful singing and guitar skills. At such a young age, he writes, composes and sings his own songs and till date he has composed more than 30 songs.

Sinha can be recognized as the youngest Nepali singer. He has not gone to any school to learn music. He has learned all the skills from his father at his house. Sinha can also write songs in both Nepali and English languages.

It really was a mere luck and coincidence that boy and his father, deprived of money, had come to the town and singing and collecting money for recording his first album.

Watch the video.