We have many talented and dedicated peoples in this musical field. Without music, we can’t imagine our life as it has become indispensible part of our life. Music is like a passion in our life.

Nowadays, we have many bands that have established their names in the Nepali musical field. It can be said that there is a dominance of male bands in the music industry, thank to the patriarchal society.

But since few years, we can witness that new good female bands have made their foray in the musical field and have been able to get their named established. And, they are proved that women can do everything in this world that a man can.

These girls have lots of enthusiasm. But, they need guidance and motivation. Singer Abhaya Subba, the founder of ‘Woman in Concert Foundation’ is taking the charge, motivating and grooming these young talents.

‘Women in Concert Foundation’ is a non profitable, non government organization. The foundation organizes an annual event comprising of only female artists seeking to promote gender equity by empowering women musicians in Nepal.