Nowadays making cover songs has emerged out as a trend in Nepali youngsters. The cover songs have become a tool to exhibit their talents. Some remark that some cover songs turn out to be better than the original, while others remark that cover songs have spoiled the feelings of the original song.

The standard of the cover songs depends on numerous factors like singer and musical arrangements.

A new band of a four kids named ‘Four Brothers’ have been gaining fame on social media. In a video uploaded on YouTube, the kids can be seen performing on a popular song ‘Syndicate’ of Bipul Chhetri.

Even they did another amazing cover song of most popular song ‘Let her go’ by English band Passenger. The video has also got good views on YouTube. This song ‘Syndicate’ by Bipul Chettri is very famous for its lyrics and music. If you think that young kids can’t have talent, then watch the amazing performance by the young guns.

These kids do have a lot potential. We wish them for their bright future in musical field. Enjoy the video.