Popular Nepali band ‘ Kandara Band’ is all set to perform in Tokyo. The band will be giving their best to the jam-packed crowd of music enthusiastic at OTA Kumin Center, Tokyo on April 16.

Kandara Band or Kandara is a musical group from Pokhara, Nepal, formed in 1992. Kandara is a Nepali word, meaning “a gorge or a cave in the middle of remote hills or mountains.”

The band believes that their music belongs to nature a nature of love, purity and perfection. So, we can see and feel that sound in their songs.

Kandara is well known for helping to establish the folk-pop genre within the Nepali music industry. With its distinct melodies, simple folk-based lyrics, and soulful vocal performance, the band has produced several successful songs such as “Leka Ki Hey Maya”, “Hong Kong Pokhara”, “Tagaroma Rumal Rakhi”, “Timi Pari Tyo Gauma”, “Bideshiyera Gaien Uni” and “Chanchale Kanchhiko Joban.”

In their journey of 24 years, Kandara has crossed the border and performed at national and International forums. With their own unique lyrics, melody, and presentation, Kandara’s heart touching vocals have won the heart of the people and left an impression.