The theme of the Nepali folk rock band Nepathya for this year will be ‘Celebrating 25 years of Nepathya’. The band decided to dedicate this year to the theme as it entered 25th year of formation.

“All the activities of Nepathya during the coming year will be a part of this celebration,” read a statement issued by Nepalaya.

Several activities, including periodic releases of new songs and videos have been planned as part of the celebration. In addition, several videos of old songs will also be released.

Nepathya has also decided to dedicate this year to all the Musical icons of Nepal, without whose contribution, Nepali music would not have reached its current pinnacle. As a mark of honor to the Modern Genre of Nepali music, Nepathya will support Nepalaya to restart their Paleti concert series.
“We have been involved with several fields as part of our philanthropic activity,” said Nepathya front man Amrit Gurung.

“On this important juncture, we want to be involved in supporting Nepali music and hence we will be involved with Paleti series through the year. Our band members had contributed their skills for Paleti during its initial period, now we want to support it for its continuity,” He added.

As Nepathya is heading for their silver jubilee year, a pleasant coincident has come along. Nepathya will be performing at their hometown Pokhara on 8th of April.

“I am delighted, for our upcoming 8th April show at the Pokhara Stadium,” said Amrit, adding that it is a pleasant coincident that our Silver Jubilee calendar will kick off from a show in our home town.