Nepali Music alludes to the different musical genres heard in Nepal. With more than fifty ethnic gatherings, the music of the nation is exceedingly different. Genres like pop, rock, Nep-hop ko bato, folk , classical music, and ratna music are generally found, yet numerous less normal classes are yet to be classified. Among them, classical folk music are listened by each for its unadulterated music.

On the premise of folk songs, Kutumba is an instrumental folk Nepalese band formed in the year 2004. Incredibly, This band just utilize Nepalese traditional musical instruments, for example, Bamboo Flute, Sarangi, Madal, Tunga, Dhol, Jhyamta, Arbajoo, and numerous on. We can feel peace, adore, solidarity, fellowship, and so on in their music.

Kutumba is considered as one of the famous musical band in Nepal and they have been touring at many countries like Australia, Korea, USA, Bangladesh, India and many more.

Here’s a beautiful performance by Kutumba on the song “Banjo Khetma” at JICA, Kansai, Kobe (Japan). The video was uploaded by the official Facebook page of Kutumba. Check it out!