Most Loved Contestant Of Nepal Idol Season 1, Sagar Ale Magar received a Youtube silver play button achieving yet another milestone in his ever-growing career. The singer uploaded a video on his official account to share the good news with his fans as well as thanking them for supporting him.

His statement reads:

Namaste! and thanks to you guys we got our first reward from YouTube, YouTube Silver Play Button. All your love and support have gotten me here. Each one of you counts and I am happy to share this moment with you.

You can watch a video below:

Sagar Ale Magar is famous for his versatility through his performance in the Reality show Nepal Idol season 1. He has performed in more than 16 foreign countries and many places in Nepal till now. He has given us a number of melodious songs like Rodhiko Maya, Hatti Dhungama, Yo K Bhayo, Hami Hau Nepali, Bhawana Ka Sabda, Malai Kina, Kamal Phool Hilaima, etc.