The very talented singer with a melodious voice, Melina Rai has released her own creation of a song called “Ek Din”. The gifted singer uploaded the song from her own YouTube channel which has 308 thousand subscribers.

As said earlier, the song has the lyrics, music and vocal of Rai. Similarly, a talented contemporary arranger and guitarist Sanjeev Baraili has done the music arrangement and shown his guitar works. In a similar way, Shyamshwet Rasaily has done the mixing and the mastering of the music. Also, we can hear the chorus from Junu Rai and Sanjeev Baraili in the song.

Singer Rai is also present on the music video. Arjun Tiwari and Buddha Thapa have worked on the camera, whereas Shann Thapa directed the beautiful singer on the video.

The singer has sung countless songs over the past decade. She is one of the busiest singers in the Nepali music scene with a number of hits in her name.