The UK-based Nepali rapper Yodda aka Shanam Gurung started his musical journey in 2011 with his debut single “Malai Baal”.

The literal Nepalese translation of Yodda is ‘warrior’ which captures and defines Yodda’s style of art, the substance of his songs, and the essence of his inspiration as a rapper. he has collaborated with many top Nepalese rappers including Uniq Poet, Master Subba, Poetic Confessional, Yama Buddha, and Aidray.

After receiving lots of love for his Mixtape  Aatma Bibhad (2016) and album Nakab (2017). He has been teasing his another album “Goppey” on his various social media accounts for a few weeks.

He had already released a single “Goppey” from particular album years ago and he just released another single “Malai Bachauna” yesterday (Dec 6, 2020). The song was uploaded on his official YouTube account.

You can listen to the song below:


Tracklist :

  1. Kuro
  2. Goppey
  3. Birsina ft spark
  4. Timi Chau
  5. Vanna Sakdina
  6. JMLT
  7. Tasvir FT Neetesh Jung Kunwar
  8. Goppey II
  9. Malai Bachauna
  10. Outro