One of the talented youngsters in singing, Sagar Ale Magar has lent his voice for a new song “Sirani Mayako Haat” which was revealed on Friday, December 4. The singer Shanti Shree Pariyar has accompanied him on the vocals. The song has the lyrics and the music by Suresh Rana Magar. Similarly, Kamal Saurag has arranged the music. Kumar Rana Magar has done the mixing of the song.

Likewise, Rima Kaucha Magar, Ramesh Babu Thapa Magar and Aswin Magar have acted on the music video. Madhur Basnet has worked on the cinematography and Ram Kumar Rai has directed the video.

The singer Sagar Ale came into the limelight from the first season of the singing reality show “Nepal Idol”. Firstly, he displayed his eclectic style of singing with the two different types of songs “Aankhir Malai Jhukkyayera”, “Sara Khusi” and “Salaijo” on the auditions. As a result, he finished fourth on the show.

After his exit from the show, the singer has worked on some songs like “Kamal Ful Hilaima”, “Samjhana”, “Palla Ghar Ki Kanchhi Nani”, etc.