The crush of every teenage girl of Nepal, Suman Thapa who is widely known as Swoopna Suman has recently released his new song “Farki Herda” on the occasion of his birthday. The song was uploaded on his official YouTube Channel on Dec 2, 2020. The song is about him looking back to his childhood, remembering his friends, reminiscing his past. Singer himself can be seen in the video kind of sharing his daily life. Listen to the song below:

Vocals/Lyrics/Composition: Swoopna Suman                                                                                     Produced/Mixed/Mastered: Diwas Gurung                                                                                                                            Vocals Recorded: Mint Audio Studio 


He started his musical journey since he was in school, later he used to upload cover songs on YouTube, which help him gain a lot of attention. He had already gathered enough popularity back then because of his unique cover videos which made it easier to spread his original creations.

Most of his admirers are Youngsters so, most of his lyrics and composition of the songs match the taste of the audience. He got more in the limelight when he shared about his struggle, difficulties, and introduced us to the dark side of his mind through the stage of Storyteller.